Phillip Dunne Bus Company

The Company

P. Dunne Bus Hire is transport services company is based in Whitehouse Park, Derry ~ Londonderry.

Assessment of Need

Philip was finding it difficult to raise awareness about the services he provided and wanted to explore digital marketing possibilities. He didn’t have an online presence and was interested in setting up a personalised business page on social media and promoting his business through the use of an online digital advertising campaign. P. Dunne Bus Hire also required branding development and needed to establish brand identity guidelines.

Philip was interested in learning new innovative ways to market his business and raise overall awareness of his products and services. His company had no online presence and he felt that his clients would respond best to a personalised website. Philip wanted to become familiarised with a range social media platforms and was also excited about the possibility of adding more engaging content to his social media accounts to promote his business further. The upskilling delivered allowed the company to transcend into the online market place.


Philip was upskilled in creating multi- media content to optimise his digital reach. Philip wanted to create a brand identity and raise brand awareness. This involved creating video content, embedding video content on social networking sites, mobile apps as well as providing tutorials into camera techniques and animation techniques. Philip’s video content allowed him to support a wider marketing strategy and cement a solid online presence. The InnovateUs program took Philip’s existing skill gaps and equipped him with the tools necessary to improve his online promotion.


Philip Dunne, of P Dunne Bus Hire said "I had no online presence and no knowledge in the field of digital marketing. I wanted to learn how to develop digital marketing skills to promote my company correctly. I gained insight into video content creation and how to display this content on my various newly created social media pages. I gain valuable insight and understanding into brand identity guidelines and logo creation has allowed me to personally brand my fleet of buses. The adverting strategy developed by Aaron at the InnovateUs programme has been a great success, increased bookings and allowed us to from a strong social media following. This innovation activity has helped us grow our business and gather new customers." 

The impacts have been:

  • Unique brand identity developed, company's buses branded   
  • Saved company money
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Solid online presence established
  • Transition to online marketplace
  • Successful digital marketing campaign increasing clientele