Homemade By Manns

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The Company

Homemade by Manns was established in 2012 by 2 sisters, Victoria and Cathy Mann, who are passionate about food & baking. They use only locally sourced ingredients along with their time tested, unique recipes, to create a wide variety of delicious food & tasty treats. Victoria and Cathy believe they make the best scones in Belfast!

Assessment of Need

Homemade by Manns produce over 1300 scones per week across their 4 premises and required skills support in operational improvement and assistance with new product development.

Proposal and Content

Through the Department for Employment and Learning funded InnovateUs Employer Support Programme the NWRC provided upskilling to Homemade by Manns on operational improvement and menu development. This involved assessing the current method of making scones and implementing process improvement to improve efficiency within the business.

Furthermore the NWRC collaborated with Homemade by Manns on an Invest NI funded Innovation Voucher project to develop a dry scone retail product for the retail market.


Through the skills gained from the InnovateUs support Homemade by Manns have become more efficient in their scone production to ensure consistent products across their 4 outlets. Victoria demonstrated the production of their scones at Balmoral Show in May 2015 and Homemade by Manns now have a prototype of their dry scone retail product which they are looking to take to the retail market.