FAST Technologies

FAST Technologies Rollup.jpg

The Company

FAST Technologies stands for Factory Automation & Systems Technologies and they count some of the world’s biggest, most technologically advanced and successful companies as their clients. FAST Technologies provides the technical solutions that they demand – and an integration partner that allows them to focus on their core business.

Assessment of Need

FAST Technologies approached the NWRC to support them with new product development and the development of animations to support the company to display their innovative ideas for process automation to their clients.

Proposal and Content

The NWRC utilised the Department for Employment and Learning funded InnovateUs Employer Support Programme to upskill FAST Technologies in the creation of 3D animations of new products using 3D studio max. The College supported the company to import sophisticated 3D CAD models into 3D studio max and then provided bespoke training in how to animate the designs to allow animation videos to demonstrate the potential of FAST’s new products, which they in turn can now show to existing and potential clients.


FAST Technologies are now in a position to create customised 3D animations of their new products that they can utilise to explain their new product and automation ideas to existing and prospective clients. These animations can also be used as part of the sales process to assist and secure an order and then as part of the new product/automation process to demonstrate how the proposed installation will operate.